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New European Bauhaus


The Caterpillar

The Caterpillar Pavilion is an innovative structure composed of pro-ecological timber- and paper-based materials. The pavilion is composed of timber laminated structural arcs and 330 paper tubes, that creates an interactive skin of the pavilion. Soft form of the pavilion was achieved by rhythmic composition of 24 arcs with a variable radius of 235 to 265 cm and paper 27 cm in diameter and 60 cm long, fixed perpendicularly to the centres of the arcs. Paper tubes are the carrier of the exhibition, which is presented on circular plates fixed to the inside of the pavilion. Each of the paper tube is illuminated with LED light in full RGB colour, giving the pavilion an evening illumination whose colour scheme can be customised. Caterpillar Pavilion measures 7,66m long, 5,35m wide and 3,1m high.