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New European Bauhaus
President Housing Europe




Since 2010 Bent Madsen has filled the chair as CEO of  the Danish Federation of Non-Profit Housing Providers. He joined the organization in 2001 and was appointed Deputy CEO in 2006. Prior to that he worked at the Danish Ministry of Finance and the Economic Council of the Labour Movement (a Danish economic policy institute and think-tank working to promote social justice in Denmark).  

Mr Madsen holds the Presidency of Housing Europe (the European Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social housing), and is Chairman of NBO - Housing Nordic (the Nordic association of co-operative social housing organizations). 
Furthermore, he serves as member of the boards of the Danish Chamber of Commerce, the Economic Council of the Labour Movement, The Social Network, the Danish Disability Council, and the association "Hjem-til-Alle" (A Home for Everybody).  Among his prior positions is membership of the Danish Competition Council. 
He holds a Master of Economics from the University of Copenhagen. 


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