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New European Bauhaus
Journalist and presenter

Annelies BECK

Annelies BECK


When it comes to news and current affairs programmes on the VRT, Annelies is almost part of the furniture. She has presented just about all major news shows on the public broadcaster and also worked as national and international reporter for Terzake. She has also presented Terzake on the Canvas channel for many years now. In 2017, she won the Grote Prijs Jan Wauters for excellence in the Dutch language.

Annelies is a determined moderator, interviewer and presenter, also in English. She also presents lectures about migration in times of war, based on her first novel about Belgian refugees during WW1. Her latest novel is set in Brazil and incorporates a Belgian attempt at colonisation in the 19th century with a contemporary storyline. She has lived in Brazil, earned an MA in Brazilian Studies in London and also follows the country for the VRT news.


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