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New European Bauhaus
11 April 17:30 - Grand Narthex - Fashion Show


FEST : Fashion Show _Viola SPIECHOWICZ



Since 2006, Viola Spiechowicz has been working under her own brand, designing ready-to-wear and haute couture collections.
She skillfully derives from the tradition and the abundance of different cultures. Her creations are the outcome of an in-depth search for ideal sculptural forms, textures and color schemes. The result is a consistent, unique and distinguishable style.
She says: "Through fashion, one can go beyond aesthetics and express much more than simply sensuality. An outfit can bring out emotions with a great variety of intensities, but it all depends on how consciously an outfit is chosen."
Viola re-envisions what it means to be feminine by giving classic styles a progressive edge. Women who choose signature clothing by Viola Spiechowicz are individualists and artistically expressive women. It is misleading to believe that clothes are only about outward appearance.
She has received several awards, just to mention a few: ELLE magazine Trophy; “The New Look of Poland” by WALLPAPER magazine; “Best Look of New York Fashion Week” by E!Online; “Visionary 2017” title at the European Economic Congress; “Designer of the Year” by Polish National Chamber of Fashion.
Viola Spiechowicz has been featured on CNN International 30 minute original production “Made in Poland” focusing on the most successful and dynamic Polish brands.

About presented outfit:
The presented model comes from a collection “Interrelated Reality”, designed with fabrics created from threads and textile waste.

The concept appeared when the designer accidentally received a shipment of sewing threads intended for disposal. She came up with the idea of creating structural, three-dimensional images out of them, the form of the artistic expression and a nostalgic return to painting, which she studied before fully embracing fashion design.

To maintain the special effect of interweaving layers of colorful tangles, the designer developed her own technique, which allows her to capture the image written with rolls of threads and scraps in the original proprietary fabric.

Each garment is individually crafted and becomes a unique image from which a creation is born. Transferring pure art into functional forms, such as clothes, gave the designer the opportunity and satisfaction to fulfill herself as a designer and painter.

On the ideological level, she tries to express the infinite possibilities of combinations of events and their mutual connections. There is a consequence to every action we take. If we want to preserve the planet we live on, we must remember this basic law that has accompanied us since the beginning of our existence.