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New European Bauhaus

11 April 17:30 - MUSEUM STAGE

Rewatch the Sustainable Fashion Experience


On April 11th, as part of the Festival's FORUM, visitors are invited to a special day dedicated to sustainable fashion. The day will include a keynote on the Park Stage exploring the topic of slow fashion, setting the tone for a series of discussions on the future of textiles. Simultaneously, the Museum Stage will open its doors to a unique exhibition where the public can view the eco-friendly creations of 16 international designers and engage in conversation with them.

Later in the afternoon, over 30 models will take to the catwalk to present these sustainable designs, going beyond a fashion display to offer an educational statement on the necessity of industry change. This catwalk is part of a larger programme to spotlight the lifecycle of textiles and the benefits of clothing made from organic materials, free from harmful chemicals.

This event emphasizes not only the aesthetic appeal of sustainable fashion but also its role in promoting a lifestyle in harmony with our environment. By featuring fashion that champions ecological responsibility, the Festival embodies its commitment to blending creativity with sustainable living. This is an opportunity not just to see fashion but to experience the values of the New European Bauhaus and to be inspired towards a future where fashion and sustainability are intertwined.