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New European Bauhaus
10-13 April 12:00 -18:00 - Auditorium - Installation

Rencontres imaginaires (FR)

Fest : Scenocosme_ Rencontre Imaginaire


Rencontres imaginaires (Imaginary meetings) presents a staging which creates an ambiguity between a real physical space and a virtual space. There are a camera and a screen presented like a mirror. It reflects the body and face of the viewer. Virtual faces and hands are attracted slowly by this reflection and are trying to touch him, to catch him, to avoid him, to surprise him... These faces and hands have lots of various behaviors and question relationships to the other. They feel the presence and move along the face of the viewer.

Gregory Lasserre and Anais met den Ancxt are two artists who work together under the name Scenocosme.

They overturn various technologies in order to create interactive artworks which evolve thanks to social and physic relationships.Their works came from possible hybridizations between the technology and living world (plants, stones, water, wood, humans.,..) which meeting points incite them to invent sensitive and poetic languages. The most of their interactive artworks feel several various relationships between the body and the environment. They can feel energetic variations of living beings and design interactive stagings in which spectators share extraordinary sensory experiences. Their artworks are exhibited in numerous museums, contemporary art centres and digital art festivals in the world.


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